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Name:Ilsa Higa, M.D.
Birthdate:Sep 12
Location:United States of America
This is the RP journal for Dr Ilsa Higa, Psychiatrist, Guardian, and Really Bad Dancer.

At the time this journal was created, she had completed medical school in an unnamed university (Not unseen, that is another story entirely) in a Southeastern major metropolitan area. You might think you recognize her world. Maybe so, maybe no - the Veil between realities is sometimes very thin....

Dr Higa is a psychiatrist to the mundane world. She is also one of the Guardians of her city. The daughter of a mage and an incubus, she monitors the mood of the city, trying to defuse tensions when she is able.

In her practice, she tries to limit her empathic intrusions, as the cubi side of her makeup can get too far unbalanced by the energies of her patients. However, when there is no way modern medical science can help, she does have another set of tools in her bag to help the healing.

Born 12 September 2001 in a mid-sized Southeastern metropolitan city.

  1. Sight - the ability to see power flows that some cultures call ‘magic’
    • Can trace power flows when others are working without ritual preparation
    • Able to trace natural power lines in the world
    • Taught to work with the Sight to monitor her own spell-work

  2. Receptive Empath - ability to sense the emotions of those around her
    1. Able to read the emotional state of any being capable of having emotions
      • The closer she is physically to someone, the higher the accuracy and detail of her reading
      • The closer she is emotionally to someone, the further away she can know they are distressed or in pain
    2. Ability to read the general mood of the city, and find the trigger points, if she is in trance

    3. Used in combat to pinpoint enemies by the existence of their emotional aura
      • The only opponents this has not been useful against are robotic.

    4. Broadcast Empath
      • While in trance, she is able to defuse city-wide tensions by releasing the trigger points in a controlled manner
      • She is able to project emotions to others, usually without their being able to discern they are being influenced

  3. Half-succubus heritage
    1. Pheromone emission: biochemical attractant with varying degrees of control
      • Those that it affects can detect the scent of red cedar with Iris Germanica undertones
      • Current status - firm control
    2. Bloodline trace: ability to note filial relationships
      • Current status - Nominal: She has the ability to trace to third generation without requiring a trance
    3. Pain sharing: healing method by drawing off the energy pain generates from an injury and transmuting it to healing energy
      • Current status - able to heal some serious damage (cuts up to 15 cm deep, halving the time for bones to knit once set)
      • A darker aspect of this is the ability to drain all emotional energy from a target, not just pain, without returning the energy, which can cause death

    4. Flautist
      • Once held second chair in the local youth orchestra by right of audition, but no longer practices enough to maintain that level
      • Currently uses music on an occasional basis for mage work
      • Current instrument is her student flute (Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute, Straight Headjoint)

    5. Chef
      • Earned an associate degree in culinary arts and restaurant management in traditional French techniques
      • After seeing the business end of restaurants, changed course for medical school
      • Volunteers at the local food bank and soup kitchen once a month
      • Is also versed in traditional Southeastern, Cajun, Cuban and Tex-Mex cuisines
      • Has some proficiency in Puebla, Baja, and Japanese cuisines

    6. Psychiatrist
      • Specialized in children's psychiatry and the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder
      • Currently volunteering once a week in her city's school system as part of a scholarship arrangement
      • Employed in a group practice with a high number of Medicaids and Workman's Compensation patients
    7. Guardian Mage in a circle of twelve
      • Mage abilities can be magnified when working in concert with the rest of the guardians for her city
      • Guardian status imparts an ability to converse with spirits in the city, if her questions concern the city's well-being

    8. Languages:
      • Primary language: American English
      • Speaks: American West Coast and Tejano Spanish, Californian Japanese, Culinary French
      • Has a limited understanding: Okinawan, Persian, Cajun French, Canadian French, Caribbean Spanish
      • Knows insults and curses: German, Vietnamese, Farsi, Laotian
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